Meet the Family

Tahkodha Hills – courtesy of the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association

Hmmm… paint that horse chestnut and I think you’ve got:


Doesn’t Dandy look like his daddy, Takodha Hills? They’ve even got the same little sock, though they are on opposite feet. It’s not the best comparison photo but it was all I could find… actually, just scroll a little up to look at the picture in my banner. That’s Dandy in almost the exact position. Um, they are so the same. You can see where Dandy gets those high withers!

Takodha Hills was a much better racehorse than Dandy, though that’s not really hard. He won just over half a million dollars in 38 starts. He had five wins through his career, including the 2000 Lone Star Derby. Two starts later he finished ninth in the Belmont Stakes (won by Commendable). Still, it’s pretty cool that Dandy’s sire was in a Triple Crown race. Takodha Hills retired and went to stud duty in Minnesota where, I believe, he is still standing.

ETA: OMG Tahkodha Hills has his own THEME SONG! Can Dandy have his own theme song please?

On the Dam side, is Shamrock Dancer. I couldn’t find a picture of her, sadly. Shamrock Dancer won seven times and won $35,628 on the track! She did not pass on her winning ways to my guy but she did pass them on to at least one of her offspring. Shamrock had three foals that I could find without subscribing and paying for extra services.

In 2005 she had a colt named Runs With Cows by Shot of Gold. Runs With Cows has won just over 20 thousand and came home first in three races. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Runs With Cows as he was trained by the same guy who had Dandy. (Fun side note, Dandy also ran under the “cow” silks seen below!)


Shamrock Dancer’s 2006 colt was Dandy. You hear enough about him on a daily basis.

Then in 2007 she had a filly registered as Maui Dancer by Ballado Chieftan. I don’t believe she was ever raced and I don’t know for sure what happened to her. I did hear that the breeder sold one of Shamrock Dancer’s fillies to the Amish so that was probably Maui Dancer. This was before we knew where Dandy was and I probably would have bought her had I known she was for sale!

It was a lot of fun pulling up these names and images; I love doing that kind of research. Plus it’s just cool to know where your horse comes from. Dandy’s got a good family, even if he didn’t quite live up to them on the track.