Meet Jack

Hey, everyone! Meet Tullibard’s Hawkwind:

Aka, Jack.

Almost three years ago (2012), Jack did this:


But then in 2013 he hit his left stifle when running his last prep before Rolex and had to be “retired.” JLE was pretty upset, understandably, but after almost two years of rest and the best care available, Jack is back to work and he is now doing this:


That’s right, Jack is my new lesson pony until Dandy is sold. I’m really excited to have this opportunity to ride such an amazing and completely amateur friendly horse. He is not an easy horse to ride by any means, but he rewards correct riding. I’ve already learned so much in just one lesson. For example: apparently I do actually know how to cue a horse to canter, I can move a horse’s shoulder around, get a lead change and haunches in.

It seems I do know how to ride. Sometimes it’s nice to get confirmation of that.

wpid-20141206_141615.jpgAlso, he’s just fun to ride! Can’t wait until next week’s lesson.

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    1. He’s been on major rest and then very slow recovery and legging up for the last year. For a while JLE didn’t think he’d jump again and thought she might do straight dressage with him.

  1. oooh he’s lovely! so glad that you’ve got this opportunity (and that he’s proving that in fact you *do* know what’s up!)

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