Masquerading: Saddlelite Riders’ Queen

I have a confession to make, sometimes I don’t feel like an eventer. I’ve been so many different things and dabbled in so many different disciplines growing up and all of them hold a little piece of my heart. This is the first in a new series where I take a closer look at some of the past titles I’ve held.

“Rodeo” Queen

After my stint as a Hunter Princess, I moved to a barn that did the whole english and western pleasure thing, plus games. In Minnesota and Western Wisconsin there is a saddle club association called WSCA (Western Saddle Club Association) that is comprised of many local clubs. There seemed to be pleasure and games show every weekend. It always looked like so much fun but I had a horse who was not in anyway interested in running barrels.

It wasn’t until I grew up, went to college, came back to MN for grad school, and started riding at a barn run by a friend that I really got into the whole western scene. I joined the nearest saddle club, Saddlelite Riders, and eagerly joined my barn mates at these fun, but seemingly never ending shows.

My first summer I rode an Morgan Arabian cross named Shadow and tried to take Mixer to one show. He was not the most well behaved horse but we did manage to get through one class. After that I decided to just ride Shadow. He was a great horse but I just didn’t know enough about how to ride these patterns to be competitive. That didn’t hamper my fun though!

Shadow and I doing poles at our first show.
Mixer and I sharing a candy cane between classes.
The gang waiting to get into the warm up ring at a show.

The second summer I was actually voted as our club’s Queen! Okay, it wasn’t much of a contest, I was the only candidate. Still, I got a sash and a crown and I got to ride in the lunch royalty ride.

One of my friends loaned me her horse, Corona, for the Queen ride, he is a GREAT games horse.

Corona and I getting ready for the royalty ride.
Don’t we look smashing in the green?
Isn’t he adorable?

Of course sometimes he didn’t think galloping around the arena to show off was worth the effort…

Here Corona is wanting to turn back ala Key Race. We got into a bit of an argument.

That year I was also working on training a youngster and brought her to her first show. She was such a good girl. She stood calmly at the trailer all day and even did a nice trotting barrel pattern.

laurens memory card 148
Such a sweet girl
laurens memory card 157
Being a superstar warming up for her class.

One of my favorite memories of being the Saddlelite Queen was getting to present awards at the Championship show. This show is HUGE and draws huge fields. I didn’t have the scores to compete but I had fun cheering on my friends.

The Queen with her attendants. Those ribbons and trophy were HEAVY!

This was also my last day in Minnesota. That night I said goodbye to my friends and the next morning I left for Nevada. It was a happy ending to a wonderful experience in the western world. Someday I’d love to get Dandy a western saddle and find some game shows. It’s fun and it’s low key if you’re not worried about chasing points!

Saying goodbye to a wonderful royalty partner.
Corona’s owner and I watching some of the classes.
Me and the wonderful owner of Double M Stables. Thank you for everything lovest! Come visit me sometime.




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  1. AWWWW I MISS YOU!!!!! I want to visit you, but going to the other hemisphere has possibly made me grounded here for awhile.

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