March Update

I got worked hard today during my lesson but it was so so good. One of the things LG and I are working on is getting me out of my hunter training and into more of a dressage/jumper seat. Doing so is a lot more difficult than I thought… LG is having me start by going to Equitation (shown in the hunter ring) and than to Dressage because it’s sort of an in-between of the two different styles. That’s fine with me because Equitation is hard. I remember doing a few lessons of it back at Sky Rock and I’m not having any easier time of it now. In fact, three hours later, I’m still repeating the mantra of: soft eyes, shoulders relaxed, solar plexus out, stomach in, hips open/back, elbows move… There’s going to be a lot to work on in the next couple of weeks.

But that’s a good thing! I want to keep taking lessons every couple of weeks to keep Dandy and I accountable and getting a professional eye on us. When we finally got to working with Dandy in the lesson, we worked on getting impulsion at the trot then getting him to soften and collect. I need to get stronger. My legs felt like spaghetti and I was having a hard time keeping the impulsion and then my hands started going all over the place. More things I’ll get better at. Some of it I just have to get riding every day again.

I decided to ride Dandy in his Mary Janes today to check how well they fit. Last time I put them on I felt like I got them on too easy and was afraid they might be too big. This time it felt better. They stayed on perfectly, no twisting, no rubbing. So all is good in the world. Dandy was good during his lesson, he let me mount without moving on (now we just have to work on holding after I’m mounted) and he let me be goofy when I was dismounting. Most of the issues we had today will be fixed when I get in better shape.

So here is Dandy’s conformation photo:

I’m really pleased with the progress we’re making. You can jus barely see his ribs! His shoulder and his hip still need some filling in as well but I can see a lot of improvement in the past week that I put him on beet pulp.

And oh, Dandy, why can’t you just stand square for once?! I actually had him square but he really wanted to treats I gave LG to crinkle.

So goals for March:

  • Canter Transition – I want to get these down
  • Proper Weight
  • Getting Myself Stronger
  • Impulsion at Trot
  • Collection
  • Side Passing on the Ground