Many Lessons

It has been a crazy week full of crazy news that I promise I will share as soon as it is official official.

Going back to Dandy, I am still LOVING this complete 180 in attitude. Dressage is fun and I’m glad Dandy is starting to think that too. On Monday I had another lesson with Kristen and we made major progress on our canter. Basically, we cantered. LOL. It was a little more complex then that but I’m sure everyone is getting sick of hearing we worked on “more bending, more lateral but better.” So I won’t bore you. 🙂

On Tuesday I braved the cold again to go out to Madchen’s for a jump lesson. I had some major issues changing my position from the low hands and sitting in my back seat to a more forward seat and carrying my hands. And Madchen is right, I am too good of a rider to not be able to switch back and forth. We worked on my position some more over a small course. There were moments that were awesome. I so wish I had a video of me going over the last cross rail… and there were moments where I completely forgot what I was doing, dropped my hands and leaned around the turn. Thank god Dandy takes such good care of me.

Less really is more with him. Which I found out today when Eric came out and took a lesson. He looks so natural on Dandy and I got quite a bit of flack from Madchen on “how come you can’t get your horse to bend? Eric can!” Grrrrr. Dang boy with his long legs.

ETA – I also sold my hunter saddle so I’m saddle-less for the next few weeks. I have ordered a saddle from Smart Pak’s trial ride program so hopefully I’ll like it. It’s the M. Toulouse Annice with the genesis system. I’m really interested in trying the monoflap as well. Should be a fun experiment!