Making Great Progress

I had a GREAT lesson with Dany last night after work. We worked on collection, cantering and even did some cross rails. I can’t believe how fast he’s coming along; now I just have to get my butt out there and ride more!

So the good news is that my hands are a ton better, even LG noticed. They now stay down instead of going up and down all the time. The next step is to get them moving with his head now so that I can keep collection but not be yanking on him. My elbows are also improving, though slowly. There is at least some bend in my right elbow but not much in my left. I just have to keep doing my exercises.

The best part of the lesson was definitely the cantering. Not only did he pick up the right lead correctly on the first try (both ways!), it’s an awesome canter to ride. He’s very much like a rocking horse. I suppose that’s why LG says I could probably win money on him as a hunter.

The trot cross rails weren’t anything special but they were fun. I think Dandy is going to be a very honest jumper, which is all I can ask for. I need to work on posture over the jumps. I know a lot of it is due to the fact that I am out of shape and wanted to get off his back and face, but ugh! My butt needs to get back in the saddle, I need to stop jumping for my horse, and it won’t kill Dandy for me to have a bit tighter hold of the reins…

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we’re going on a trail ride! It will be Dandy’s first trail and I am super excited. If the weather doesn’t hold, I’ll just go do a schooling session in the arena. Either way, I win!

2 thoughts on “Making Great Progress

  1. I’m also trying to achieve steady hands. Today’s lesson was full of torture. My arms like to move with my hips instead of with the bit. Anyway grab onto your tucked stirrup strap or pad keeper and hold that while touching your knuckles together. At the same time try to keep your elbows at your hips. It’s hard but possible and will really help you steady your hands. I’m psyched to finally have an instructor who knows what’s wrong with me. Good luck.

    1. The hardest part for me is definitely going to be the elbows! They are so locked up right now. Thanks for the advice! I have a lesson tonight so I’m going to try out your suggestions. It is so nice to have an instructor who can actually help you progress. I haven’t taken a real lesson in years until I got Dandy. It’s great to be back in the groove again and to be improving!

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