Loving It

Oh my gosh. SprinklerBandit and Karley you guys were so right, this Vetrolin stuff is AMAZING! Although Dandy doesn’t seem to agree with me…

I went to the local tack store first yesterday and they didn’t have the conditioner for the manes and tales so I grabbed SprinklerBandit’s other recommendation (Equus Premier). But because the brand came with such high recommendations I grabbed the Vetrolin Shampoo and Conditioner as well. It was only 10 bucks so I figured it was worth a shot.

imageEven as I was washing the shampoo off Dandy just felt so amazing. He did not like me getting the Equus Premier Conditioner out of his mane but I told him he had to deal. Dandy told me he had to freak out and he did. So we finished with a bucket and sponge but I got him looking beautiful.

Of course the very first thing he did was roll in the hay and kick his heels out at me. My horse was not a happy camper. Guess who’s getting another bath on Friday!

Times are up for Saturday:

Dressage: 11:11 AM
Stadium: 12:12 PM
XC: 1:56 PM

4 thoughts on “Loving It

  1. Glad you loved the Vetrolin!! Love love love a clean horse!!

    We actually use the Equus on our dogs as well as Henry lol 🙂

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