Love this Horse

I love this horse. I really don’t think I can convey how much I love this horse. He is smart. He is a thinker. And most of all, he is just good.

Even when we had a visitor during our warm up, he just kind of watched the fawn spaz all over the farm and went back to work. Love this horse.

Although I admit I was a little worried about the baby. Its mother was nowhere in site. Is this normal for deer? It seriously ran around five pastures before disappearing in to the woods. I hope it’s alright.


I decided to work in the dressage arena today because I may have signed up for a schooling show at the farm in a few weeks and I had Eric to stand in the scary box at the end like a judge. Okay, yes I did enter a show. It’s at our barn so I thought it would be the perfect way to introduce him to a busy warm-up ring and more activity without it being too scary.


While they have combined training classes and jumping classes, we are only doing dressage: Intro A and Intro B. I don’t expect, and am not working towards, great scores. I just want to get him in the atmosphere and figure out how he’s going to act.

That being said, Gus is doing really really good. He is getting a lot more rhythmic and a  lot more submissive. And he picks up his leads reliably and almost immediately when I ask. If only he were more balanced on his right lead, I might do Training 1. But yeah… he basically falls over if I ask for any type of turn. Still, I have no reason to rush it. We will just keep working on it and going as slow as needed.


25 thoughts on “Love this Horse

  1. The great thing about OTTBs is that they often take to the crazy show environment like its no big deal. The track is usually a very busy place!

    1. Yeah well I went through one that didn’t do well at shows. He went batshit. So Gus needs to pass this test. 🙂

  2. He’s cute. I love Greys. Can’t wait to hear all about the schooling show and I am really enjoying reading along with the ammy bringing along her own OTTB deal since that will be me whenever I get another horse probably.

  3. Cuteness!! I am very excited to hear about your show.

    I am NOT sure about fawns, but my instinct is that it should have been with mom. Lots of ungulates hide their offspring (thus the pictures you will see of fawns hidden on a porch step) and the offspring freeze until mom comes back. In Kenya you could almost drive over some of them before you realised the were there, they are that still. Hopefully he just got temporarily separated from his mom and found her again soon.

  4. Fawns usually spend the day away from mom. She’ll hide them in some brush and leave so her scent doesn’t lure predators. The fawns aren’t supposed to be running around though, so hopefully he got back to mom.

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