Love Hate

I both love and hate my horse right now. He was PERFECT at the show today. Perfect! WTH horse?! Can’t you just be good consistently or bad consistently?

Eric and I left the house bright and early this morning at 5 am. We had Dandy all loaded up and were on the road by 6:15. We were the first people there so I took advantage of this and did a nice long lunging warm up. As we did this people started arriving so things got a bit busier. We went back to the trailer and I did a quick grooming and a tack up. Dandy was a little squirley and wanted to trot back up to the warm up ring. Once there though he chilled out and we got to work.

We did a whole thorough dressage based warm up. Which was much different than everyone else there who was preparing for English showmanship! The past week Dandy has just been great in the ring and today really wasn’t any exception. The canter keeps getting better, especially the right lead for some reason. I have a harder time getting him into it but once there it’s much better than the left canter (which is still a little up-down in feeling, compared to the nice rocking horse canter that I’m working towards). Anyway, Dandy gave me a beautiful canter today.

To be fair this show was no where near as crazy as the horse trial was but just about equal to what was going on at the very first jumping show we went to last summer. However, I feel like this really helped both of our confidences. We had a good experience and we left happy. We were discussing going to a dressage schooling show tomorrow just to be in the atmosphere but I think we’re going to skip that. Eric’s going to Germany on Monday so I’d like to have one non horse showing day this weekend! Instead, now that he was actually semi good and I feel better at handling him, we’re going to find a dressage schooling show in a few weeks to actually compete in.

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