Looking Too Close

When I was finally able to see all the photos the husband took at our Ashland XC schooling adventure, I was stoked to see this one:

Because it immediately brought to mind this photo of Dandy and I at Caber three years ago:

I was originally going to write a post about how sometimes progress doesn’t always manifest in pictures. How while my core is still not as strong as I’d like, I rode to that fence confident and bold. 

But then I really looked at the two photos side by side and cringed. 

Not because of the position issues or the fact that three years later I’m still jumping beginner novice roll tops, but because I’ve gained weight. And a lot of it!

I don’t generally stress about my weight because I am actually happy with how I look and I’m not actually all that much over my ideal weight. But that doesn’t mean that when I look at a picture and can see it, it doesn’t make me freak out just a little bit. 

Since the wedding, I have not been as good with my eating habits. Part of that is that I was so happy to not having to watch my figure and part of that is the renovation we’re going through. We are living out of a mini fridge so even if we had somewhere to store food, we don’t really have anywhere to cook. 

But this also highlights something I have not been good at recently: working out. 

The Sunday after we schooled (for almost three hours) at Ashland, I woke up and could barely move. My lower back ached, my shoulders couldn’t lift my arms above my head. I spent an hour in a steamy hot bath soaking with Epsom salts and then crawled back into bed with my heating pad. 

You know what didn’t hurt? My core. And we all know that means I wasn’t using it. 

There’s not a lot I can do about the healthy eating for a few more weeks but i can handle getting back into a work out routine. C25K, here I come (again). 

Not only will this help with the weight issue and make me feel better about myself, it will make me a better rider. Gus is only half of this partnership and I want to pull my weight.  Hopefully this will help Gus and I keep approving. 

9 thoughts on “Looking Too Close

  1. With my riding being cut down to either nothing or just walking the past month, I can tell my core is disintegrating because my back hurts all. the. time. I’ve recently gotten back on my bike and made myself really commit to that. It’s not a full body workout, but dammit, at least I’ll have some sort of leg strength left!

  2. When I was home for a few months in between trips to Africa I came out to the barn and rode my former lease horse, Quincy, for fun one day. The next day I quite literally COULD NOT get out of bed, my entire body ached so badly. Hurt so good though! That’s how I have to make myself think about running in pursuit of riding fitness!

    1. Truthfully, I’m getting older and that does make the losing the weight harder. But hopefully getting in shape will make me a better rider and that will be worth it.

  3. I was just starting to lose the 35lbs I gained over the course of a year and then I broke my damn foot. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll get into the swing of working out again quickly.

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