Looking to the Future

Thank you all so much for the support and encouragement when I made my big announcement. I wanted to reply individually but I’ll admit that I got a little overwhelmed. I don’t for a minute regret not making this decision sooner. Not only did I have so much fun this summer, I also learned a lot about myself and riding. In fact, I think I would have regretted it had I sold him sooner without giving him every opportunity I could to turn around. If I had said goodbye to Dandy last spring, I probably would have stepped away from horses entirely for a few years. And there wouldn’t have been anything wrong with that, I’m just glad now that I didn’t.


When JLE and I talked details about selling Dandy, we also talked a bit about what I was going to do for a next horse. While I’m not going to really dive into that until Dandy is officially sold, I have been doing some thinking and looking. At first I thought that I might just take a small break but after having a lesson on Jack and looking at what is out there, I’m kind of excited to be looking for a new horse. That’s how I know this is the right decision. Still not sure what that next horse is going to be, or if it’ll be a purchase or a lease, but I’m actually looking forward to this now.

Still, someone needs to block the Canter websites on my computer. I maybe found about five fresh off the track TBs I would take home in a heartbeat. Only, I don’t think a baby OTTB is exactly what JLE has in mind for me.

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