Little Shop of Horrors

And I thought I hated the dentist!

Today the vet came out to give Dandy his shots and to float his teeth. For those of you who are giving me a either a blank look or freaking out at the above picture, horses’ teeth grow continuously and sometimes they need help in filing them down. That’s when the vet is called in to float their teeth, which is basically rasping. This is important to do on a regular basis because bad teeth can cause sores, ulcers and weight loss. Poor Dandy had a cut in his mouth because of his teeth.

And don’t worry, he can’t feel anything from the rasping or the gag, he’s got some pretty awesome drugs going through him during it!

Dandy on Drugs

30 minutes later Dandy was already waking up and back in his pen. He should put on more weight now that he’ll actually be able to eat his grain. We were planning on getting his teeth floated when he got down here but I think it’s all for the best that it was done now as apparently they were really bad. Poor guy, I know his pain.