I finally dredged up enough courage to message Dandy’s old trainer on FaceBoook to ask for contact information for his breeder. I’ve had this letter written for almost a year now and after making a few tweaks to update it, I’m finally getting it sent out!

The story on how he got the name Longlegs is rumored to be because the breeder’s grandson said he looked like a daddy longlegs. Granted, all foals are gangly and long legged but Dandy must have been extra gangly. I’m really hoping they’ll have a picture they can send me of baby Dandy.

Dear C- and J-,

My name is Lauren and I am the new owner of your 2006 gelding, Dandy Longlegs. I am a friend of [JD] and it was she who first introduced me to Dandy and who found his sale ad for me. I believe she has mentioned to you that I purchased him but I wanted to take the time to write to you myself.

While I probably met Dandy at the track as a three-year-old, the first time I remember him is when I helped to trailer him down to Oaklawn Park in April of 2010. While [JD] handled Sol Fire she put me in charge of Dandy. He was a sweetheart and all gangly legs. He stole the Pop Tarts out of my sweatshirt. I immediately fell in love with him. I told [JD] that day that if she ever heard of you wanting to sell him, let me know. She replied that you had your own farm so Dandy would probably retire at home but I held out hope.

I was very saddened to hear what had happened when he went to lay up at Wind ‘n Wood and sadder not to see him at the track that summer. The whole situation surrounding Wind ‘n Wood sounds like it was just a mess and I’m very sorry you had to go through that. I am also very thankful that I was able to purchase Dandy and that some good came from the event.

My intent with Dandy when I purchased him was to retrain him as an eventer and so far he seems to really be enjoying his new job. Dandy loves to jump and never hesitates over anything I point him at. I couldn’t ask for a better attitude for a riding horse. He’s calm but always willing and eager to please. He’s bold over jumps and confident in new situations. And his stealing of treats hasn’t gone away. He’s constantly rifling around in my bags and pockets looking for peppermints!

This past year has been quite a whirlwind of activity for Dandy and I. We went to his first horse show last June where he placed third in the crossrail hunter class against a good-sized class. We have also done a lot of trail work including several trips into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and swimming in a local lake. Last fall we did our first official schooling over cross-country jumps and have entered our very first horse trial which will occur this upcoming May. Dandy has been an absolute joy to have and I count myself the luckiest girl in the world to be able to ride him. Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful animal!

I’ve included a few pictures of Dandy in his new job. I hope you enjoy them. I know this is a bit of an odd request, but I’d absolutely love to see a picture of Dandy as a baby; if you have any to spare. I can be reached at the address on the envelope or you can email me at [redacted] if that is easier.

While I know the situation around me acquiring Dandy is maybe less than ideal, I hope that his letter will put you at east that Dandy is in a good home and is very much loved.





Update 6/14/13: You can read what happened here!

5 thoughts on “Letters

  1. If I was his breeder I’d be estactic to get a letter like that. Hope to find Simon’s breeder contact info to do something similar.

  2. For my first OTTB, I sent an email to his breeders and first owners and was so nervous about it. Turns out they were extremely happy to see that he had found a nice home and were always sort of worried about what had happend to him. They even invited me to come and visit their ranch if I am ever out in Arizona.
    For my new horse, I got in contact with someone who ‘knew him back when’. She was so happy to get an update on him, and even forwarded my info to the barn where he did most of his training. They too are excited to hear that he is ok and going to a loving home! They even said that his previous owners are digging up some of his stuff to send me. They too were all curious as to how he ended up in North Dakota, but have said that if for whatever reason things don’t work out, they want to help anyway they can!

    1. That is so nice to hear! I knew Dandy on his track and have been in touch with his trainer about him a few times but I really hope to hear back from his breeders.

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