Letters pt. 2

Last April I sent a letter to Dandy’s breeders, C & J, hoping that I might be able to get a baby picture of my boy. I didn’t have high hopes and had, honestly, pretty much given up hope of ever hearing from them when I found a letter from Minnesota in my mail box today. And not just from anyone in Minnesota, but C & J!

And inside there were baby pictures! OMG. And since I know you all want to see the a-dork-ableness that was baby Dandy, I won’t make you wait any longer:

Dandy Baby 1 Dandy Baby 2 Dandy baby 3

Besides the three photos, both C and J wrote me an little note. I’ve scanned them in case any of you want to read them but I’ll share my favorite parts too.

Julie Letter pg1 Julie Letter pg2

“This is how Dandy got his name, when he was born my grandson said, ‘He sure has dandy long legs.'” Isn’t that adorable? You can see it in the photos from when he’s a baby and from now! I can’t tell you how often I get people who don’t believe that he’s only 17hh.

M letter

The best part of this letter from C is that I finally have an explanation for the injury on Dandy’s right front. He’s had it ever since I got him and it’s made a ridge in the hoof that looks like a quarter crack but doesn’t go through the hoof (though it does make the bottom more prone to cracks if I let them get long). All of my farriers have commented on it and said he must have damaged the coronet band. Well, we finally have an explanation: “His only injury was when he banged his front hoof on something sharp. The only object I found in the yard that could have hurt him was 7′ up on the barn wall so he must have been up in the air pawing at the wall.” (The little bugger!)

C also had this to say about his jumping: “I knew he could be a jumper when he was 1 yr. Dandy was in one pasture and some others were next to him. When I came home I was surprised to see he was with the others. He had jumped a 5′ panel to get across and luckily did no damage to the fence or himself.” Clearly he’s always been a brave boy!

I am just so excited that C & J took the time to find those pictures for me and to write me back. It’s an incredible sweet gesture. Hopefully I’ll have lots of good things to keep them updated on in the future.

And now we can all go back to gushing over Baby!Dandy!

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