Lessoning On

Lessons and rides with Gus have been interesting of late. Jumping lessons and jump schools have been top notch. Dressage days? Not so much. 

There are always good moments. Brilliant moments, actually, where I feel like a real dressage rider. Then there are moments where I will make a mistake (like accidently goosing him with my spur) and he will shut down. Sometimes we can get him back and sometimes not. 

But that is something he will have to live with because I am an ammy and I’m still learning. I am going to do stupid shit sometimes and I need Gus to not block me out. We’ll get there. 

Which leads me to the other issues with dressage lessons. They are just plain hard. New trainer expects a lot from me, which I appreciate, but it does show me just how many holes I have in my training. And it’s getting a little disheartening. 

But it’s all worth it. Because those moments where it all does come together are amazing and do make me feel like I’m growing as a rider.

4 thoughts on “Lessoning On

  1. Seriously dressage lessons are the hardest. They are great at both making you feel incompetent and like a GP rider (when you finally master what your trainer is saying lol)

  2. I’m not taking “dressage” lessons per se, but I have been doing a lot more flat work lessons, and yeah, that stuff is demanding. And frustrating. But so great when it clicks for those 4 strides 🙂

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