Lesson Recap 1.30.14

I had a wonderful lesson on Dandy last night. As I got on I could tell that his head was just not ready to be 100% focused on me so I was a little bit wary about how this lesson was going to go. Even JLE commented on it telling me that he had been galloping around his pasture at mach-10 all afternoon to the point that he was upsetting the lessons that were riding in the outdoor. Oh Dandy, your OTTB is showing.

In the end though, I had nothing to worry about. While Dandy did let himself get distracted by random things (“There’s a monster walking down the isle!” No Dandy, that’s just another horse), I put my leg on and asked for him to come back to me and he did. This is a huge change from the horse I had just over a month ago. We would have spent the rest of the lesson trying to recover and get Dandy’s head back in the game but now it took only a grand total of three steps.

I guess this was how he did at the XC school on Monday as well. One of the other horses was being a bit of a spaz and JLE was thinking that Dandy was going to get set off too but apparently he likes XC enough to be a good boy. He did have a slight issue at the ditch, but JLE claimed it was probably because he didn’t quite see it and she didn’t have enough leg on as she should have. It’s nice to know that even the pros make mistakes sometimes! And I like that JLE will man up to it and not blame the horse.

Today Dandy went down to spend the weekend at Aspen Farms again. He might also go to Caber Farms depending if JLE can get in touch with the owner and trainer down there. She wants to do a mini lesson on him and get some outside opinions. I hope that happens, that would be fun! We also signed up for our first show on the 8th of March. It’s an Derby as Aspen Farms and I am so so excited. We signed Dandy up for two rounds at the BN hight with JLE in the irons. Now I just have to start thinking good thoughts and hopefully he’ll behave!