Lesson May 30th

You know the lesson cost was worth it when in just 45 minutes the trainer can get you and your horse from this: wpid-screen-shot-2015-05-30-at-4.19.55-pm.png.png to this: wpid-screen-shot-2015-05-30-at-4.36.59-pm.png.png The new dressage trainer, C, is fabulous. He has a lot of experience working with off track thoroughbreds and is a GP rider himself. Right away he could tell that Gus was something special (so he immediately earned major brownie points, lol), could pick out my hunter training, and told me I had a “hot seat.” This is something every trainer I’ve ever had has told me but never within the first five minutes. It was kind of like a “woah, you really know what you’re talking about!” moment. I don’t know why, but it made me feel very comfortable.

Anyway, the only thing we worked on this lesson was suppling in the neck. It’s hard to be a normal adult horse if you want Gus’ opinion! He was not pleased.

One thing that C told me is that right now, I need to forget everything about keeping my circles the right size, or worry about his toe tapping or his head tossing. All I should focus on at the moment is the suppling and me giving to reward that. Even my leg should be super quiet and off his side (except at the canter). Right now, Gus can’t handle all that so we need to focus on just the one part. I think that was actually the hardest part for me: keeping my leg off of him! I had no idea what a tight leg I actually had. It would certainly help explain why I have a hard time with lateral work. I have nothing else left to give.

The second part that really got through to me, was how C explained “catching and fixing” when Gus inverts. He talked about it in trends. Like, is Gus trending towards being hollow? If so, fix it. If he’s trending towards staying supple and nice, leave it alone. And it worked!

You’ll notice that my reins are VERY long in these videos. This was actually at C’s request. We are not even working on contact right now. We are just working on relaxing and rhythm and suppleness.Β It might take a long time to establish this foundation but it will be worth it.

18 thoughts on “Lesson May 30th

  1. How awesome! I am excited to follow your alls adventures more closely now… I am also considering getting an OTTB for my next horse and I love getting to see the progress you’re making with Gus.

  2. C sounds like he knows what he’s doing! I’m a big fan of the training pyramid, where you don’t get connection/contact until you have rhythm and relaxation. A very well schooled and muscled horse can handle having you get on and pick up the reins and all that straight away, but the greener the horse, the more they need time to build the first two blocks before getting to the third. Mo and I are in that place right now where he IS ready for me to pick up the reins a bit after he’s warmed up and get some of that good old leg-to-hand work going, but that’s hard and he doesn’t wanna, heh. Good luck!

    1. Haha. Oh the difficulties of being a good horse. Gus knows the feeling! And yes to all of that, I want to put the right foundation on Gus at the beginning. Then I dont have to worry about patching later.

  3. Sounds like you have found an awesome trainer!! I am sure that you and Gus are doing to do awesome with him!

    I love the videos and you can see you both working through things and making progress!! AWESOME! πŸ™‚

  4. Gus looks great! super exciting to have a trainer walk in and have you both figured out in moments – it’s such a reassuring feeling like ‘ah yes, this person can help us!!’ good luck!

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