Lesson 3.5.16

I’m probably the odd duck out in the eventing world because I actually like dressage. Now granted, begging dressage is not fun. Circle after circle after circle. It gets a little old. What does not get old are those moments when you actually feel like you’re doing dressage and not just sitting on a circle (even if that’s really all you’re doing).

I hate that I haven’t been able to be more routine with my lessons but such is life. I try to take advantage of those that I do have and last weekend I felt like we made huge progress. When I look back at what I actually did in my lesson, it doesn’t seem like we did much. Trot. Canter. Work on relaxation. But I do feel really good about the progress I made.

It all started with some ground work. Gus has been refusing to accept that leg on can mean anything but go faster so C had to get after him a bit. But once I got back on, and Gus was actually moving his hind end, he felt so much better. A little bit like I had a different horse. A dressage horse maybe?

Suddenly I had a horse that moved off my leg. A horse that bended! It was a miracle. I definitely got some of the best transitions we’ve ever done. I had to push through a lot of fussiness this weekend due to me asking Gus to real work through his whole body. I didn’t want to force him into doing something but I did hold steady until he decided to do it himself. But he felt great and this will only lead to the more interesting stuff.

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