I got TWO lessons in this week! It’s something I’ve been trying to do all summer but between the shows, JLE’s schedule, and my schedule we just have not been able to make it work. Until now.

And it felt so good.

It was supposed to be a jumping lesson but we got started on the flat and things were going so well that we kind of just kept going. It was an extension of what we did Thursday where I worked on lifting my inside hand to get him to bend and move into that outside rein.

Our contact and work on going forward and into the bridle is so much steadier than it was even just on Thursday. We did several serpentines and change of directions with only minor loss of connection. I was so proud of how well we did together.

Towards the end we even started working on lengthening of stride on the diagonal. This was hard. JLE is all about doing things correctly which means that lengthening are actually have to be a lengthening of stride and not just going faster on the forehand. I had to really work on keeping the rhythm steady and when I didn’t, Dandy would break into a canter. I was only able to get a few decent steps but at least I know what I’m looking for now.

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