Leg Yields Day 2

If you can’t tell, these leg yields are the most exciting thing I’ve done with Dandy in a long time.

After a day and a half off, Eric and I went out to ride tonight. I brought out the jump saddle because I’m going to be selling my dressage saddle (it no longer fits! but at least that means he’s gaining weight and doing well). I also wanted to try on the bell boots that Jolene got me for a very early birthday present.

So cute! And the perfect fit. This is the first time that I had all his orange stuff on so it was quite apparent to the rest of the barn that his color is orange, lol.


“Mom, what are you doing? Are there treats in that pocket? Do you have an apple for me?”

It was a great ride tonight for all three of us. Eric rode first. I rode second. I worked firstly on trying to get that extra deep stretch that Kristen had worked on us with. There were some points that I think I got that but I was having a lot of trouble getting the stretch. I also did some canter work and, since I wasn’t exhausted from doing an hour of trot work, I managed to sit more up and keep my leg on. The transitions were good so I’ll take that. I’m worried that my hands and elbows are too tight at the canter. Guess I’ll keep working!

Then I got to work on the leg yields. They are… well, they are. It is only Dandy’s second day doing them so he’s still trying to figure out what exactly I want from him. The fact that he’s crossing at all is a good thing. We’ll get the straight figured out eventually.