Learned My Lesson

Thankfully we haven’t been having insane rain or storms but we do get some rolling through occasionally. The other day when I ran out to the barn, it was sunny my whole drive out there. Only, when I stepped out of the car the clouds were dark and ominous and it was thundering. Shoot. Okay, quick lunge time.


Gus was a good boy but he was a little anxious. There were some trot poles laid out and I put him over those. He kept trying to canter them and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. He went between jumping over both and trotting them. I just let him figure it out on his own. Eventually he relaxed enough to do it nicely and we called it quits. Just in time to get in the barn before it rained. wpid-20150603_135004.jpg

When I rode Dandy, and even Sheena, I was very lucky that they never interfered. With Sheena, I didn’t really know what the point of boots/wraps was and I just used them because they were pretty. Dandy never had issues with his legs, and besides a randomly pulled shoe, I only really used leg protection in competitions… just in case. But with Gus? Omg. I can barely walk him up from the pasture without him cutting open his back legs.

So I should have known better but when I got in the barn, I found this on his back left. Still, I don’t know how he did this particular one! I don’t have a boot that would have covered it and thankfully nothing major came from it. The next morning he had stocked up on that foot but worked out of it. Learned my lesson though. Boots for this horse AT ALL TIMES.


14 thoughts on “Learned My Lesson

  1. Boots are amazing, especially as he re-learns what his legs can do. Courage lives in bell boots up front and only works in boots or wraps all around. No joke, I’m debating bell boots behind. It seems silly, but he keeps catching himself because he travels so close.

    1. Yeah, Gus wore bell boots on all four for a while in hopes we could keep the shoes on. But then he lost the back ones and I gave up. 🙂

  2. Maybe pastern wraps/cuffs/boots/whatever they’re called? Eli interferes some, too, and I use boots or polo wraps every ride, it really helps!

    1. Yeah, I might have to try those. It’s hard to see in the pictures but the polos wouldn’t have covered where he hit. I’m not sure if he got himself with his front foot? It seems odd but as long as it’s healing up nicely I won’t stress.

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