Leaps and Bounds

Our original plan for today (since our ski passes are blacked out for President’s Day Weekend) was to drive down to wine country and pick up a bunch of old shipments. We have at least 14 bottles from one winery and who knows how many from our other club memberships. Anyway, we changed our minds last night and decided to go work Dandy at the arena this morning because it’s been a while since Eric’s been able to ride him. And I’m so glad we did because he was phenomenal.

After a week of letting Dandy get used to and work in very loose side reins, I finally shortened them up to a more proper length. He did awesome. He was stretching out, though we still have to work on stretching down. I’m pleased with his progress, however. It was also the first time I’ve used the round pen at the arena, so that was fun. I think Dandy liked having the walls to guide him.

Then Eric finally got to get on Dandy and run him through his bending and stretching exercises. He was doing really well with the one rein stretch and… well… I’m just going to stop talking and let you watch the video. 🙂

(sorry about the fuzziness, my camera did not want to focus for some reason)

I do, however, need to stop commenting while video taping. I hate hearing my voice and I ended up cutting out a couple really awesome parts cause I made some stupid comment or other.

I’m so proud of both Eric and Dandy. It sure is a work out to keep Dandy moving forward and into the bit, and Eric did a great job. He even got a few steps of collection at the canter; something I haven’t even tried yet!

Today’s session made me feel a whole lot better about how he’s progressing. Not having a chance to get on him and really do some work this week was hard; it made me feel like I wasn’t doing a good job training him and wonder if I was ever going to get him to a good point. I’m not so worried about it anymore. Dandy is a good boy. He works hard and he tries hard.