Kitchen Reno Finished

As of yesterday, I can finally say that the kitchen renovation is finished! Well, actually the kitchen part has been finished for a long time but yesterday the baseboards and the ceilings got painted so we are officially done with contractors for Phase 1 of our demo. This is a big deal!

It has been many many long weekends and a lot of money but I am so so happy with how things turned out. The kitchen looks exactly as I imagined it would.  We went from this (which was basically unusable… especially after the stove exploded):

To this:

I love my new kitchen. I love cooking in it. I love having nice appliances for once in my life. And Eric’s idea of open shelving was totally spot on (though he’s not allowed to put anything on the shelves).

There are still a handful of things to do on the Phase 1 reno list but for the most part, it’s done. Now it’s time for the fun stuff: decorating!