Just Keep Going

It has been a crazy few weeks so I’m sorry for the silence. Besides just being busier than I thought I would be in November, I’ve been feeling completely exhausted all the time. I think I might actually be a bit depressed about the weather and the darkness. I’m not normally affected by that sort of stuff but it’s been a rough few weeks.

On the Dandy front: JLE gave me forced me to take back my irons because we are working on making things very black and white and she wants me to feel fully secure in the saddle. I have been riding four days a week, three of those being lessons and I’m feeling a lot better about working with Dandy. His attitude is showing it’s ugly little head right now but I’m learning to deal with it.


One thing that I’m doing in warm-up is not even giving him a chance to blow off my leg. The first handful of walk-trot and trot-canter transitions get a huge cluck and a smack of the whip right along with the leg aids. It’s been super helpful. I’m getting a lot more “yes, ma’m” then I used to.


We’re also working hard on getting Dandy to understand he needs to go into the left rein. He wants to lean heavily on the right lean and I just couldn’t figure out the timing of my aids because it felt like if I let go with my right, half halted with the left, Dandy would go crashing into the wall. Last Tuesday, JLE had me take up contact with both reins and then grab my saddle pad with my left like it was a side rein. I used the inside rein for flexion, and pushed for the bend with my legs. Finally, I felt the left rein connection. It was glorious. I’m sure the will be more of that tonight.


The pups are both doing well. Guinness gets to come to the barn with me most Sundays as he doesn’t like when there is football and yelling going on in the house. He’s always exhausted after that.

And they are both getting ready for their second agility trial which will be the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. I’m super excited. Both have been doing so so good in class recently. Harley did decide that the A-Frame was a trampoline the other day but she also had some awesome contacts. Hopefully she remembers how to do those next week!


5 thoughts on “Just Keep Going

  1. glad you’re getting a better sense of the strategies needed to keep Dandy going! sounds like productive rides 🙂 and i love the ‘yes ma’am’ response lol

  2. So cool you do agility! I want to do agility with my Doberman. She’s such a show jumper horse/dog. I took a beginner agility class and she was very good. The trainer said she needed more work on being relaxed around other dogs (so she’s going to doggie daycare for the 3rd time tomorrow). She was attacked by a lab when she was about 6 months old and she’s skittish around other dogs. Fingers crossed she’ll learn how fun being out and about with other dogs is.

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