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The hardest part of having your horse in full training because there’s something wrong and he needs his foundations rebuilt, is the lack of riding time. Currently, if our schedules work out, I take one lesson a week and, if no one is injured, I hack once on the weekend. Only because of first Dandy’s leg injury and then my shoulder I’ve had one ride in three weeks. I miss riding my pony!

Apparently he’s doing really well though and the plan for next month is two lessons, three training rides and one hack out.

In other news, I’ve been watching video of me jumping this past two years and I’m kind of worried that I’m getting worse. It sort of makes sense in the last few months as I haven’t been riding very often but even last winter when I was lessoning with Madchen twice a week I look way worse than I did just a year before that! Or at least I think I do

This is the fall of 2010. Yes, my heels could be down and it is just one moment in time but I feel like I’m a lot more fluid in the video where this still came from.
It’s not the same angle but you can tell how much I threw myself at his neck. Plus my heels are reaching for the heavens.

Am I just being too hard on myself? Anyone have any off the horse or even on the horse exercises that I can do by myself? Of course it’s always better to have my trainer there on the ground yelling at me to loosen my elbows, sit up, look up, heels down and all that… but how do I get that soft fluid ride that I used to have?

Lesson tomorrow! I’m really frustrated that daylight’s savings has hit and it’s now dark at 5! Why does that have to happen? I’m also taking a PTO day on Monday so hopefully I can set up a jumping lesson.


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  1. Does JLE have a schoolmaster type horse that you could take a few jump lessons on? That would allow you to have some time to focus only on your position. I know in my own riding the times when my jumping position have been the best are when I’m on the most trustworthy horse. Otherwise you end up getting in the habit of riding defensively. Just my two cents. I think it’s so awesome that you have been able to put Dandy in full time training. I think that’s going to make a huge difference for you guys.

  2. I really struggled with my eq after I had been riding my greenie mare for a few months. Try not to be too hard on yourself, as I’m sure you are like me and really focusing on your mount instead of yourself. I agree with the idea to take some lessons (if you can squeeze them in time-wise) and enjoy some time to focus on yourself. That’s what I did and it was a big confidence booster! 🙂

    Totally feel your pain on the day light savings time. Urgh winter.

  3. I think you’re being hard on yourself. In the first picture, I see a confident rider. In the second picture, I see a nervous one who is in preservation mode. I think that as Dandy gets steadier and you regain your confidence, your position will be rock solid again.

    1. That pretty much sums up those pictures perfectly and I honestly hadn’t considered that. Something else for me to think about. Thank you.

  4. Greenies are HELL on your position. By the time they’re going well enough to work on position, you probably do need a couple rides on a broke horse just to remember where all the pieces go. Do you need help? Sure. Your second pic looks like you’re getting jumped out of the tack anyways. 😉 I have some funny ones of me doing that, but it’s hardly a gauge of position. Don’t beat yourself up and hooray for moving Dandy (and your) training forward.

    1. You know I hadn’t even taken Dandys greeness into consideration. So thank you for making me feel a lot better about that! I’m definitely going to try to take some lessons on a schoolmaster. If nothing else it’ll boost my confidence.

  5. Agree with the others, a green horse kills your position.. lessons on a school master or maybe a horse that doesn’t pull the fancy tricks Dandy does sounds like a great idea!

  6. Don’t worry, I feel like everyone has a time where they get worse before they get better! The one thing that ALWAYS helps me when my eq has been feeling off is going through gymnastic grids (bounce, bounce, bounce, one stride, two strides) without hands. Put them on your head, out to the side, behind your back, etc. Once my trainer had me go through just canter poles rubbing my stomach and patting my head… Anyway, go through the grid without hands as many ways as possible, and then drop your stirrups and start over! It really helps me balance, keep my heels down, sit up, keep my shoulders back, and work on rythm.

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