Jumping Fun

I’m not going to bore anyone with another detailed recap of our jump lesson so instead enjoy the pictures and highlights.

Both of the ponies were really awake and ready to go when we loaded up but both were perfect angels in the ring. Klancie wasn’t quite the plodder-pus that he normally is which I know Krissie appreciated!

We did some great flat work. Worked on bending and giving. Our normal but with a more jumper focus. It was nice to hear a different opinion. I rode in the loose ring French link. I’m hoping this will help with his anxiety doing dressage. We’ll see what Kristen says on Tuesday.

Krissie did her first oxer!

Dandy jumped a big oxer!

Krissie and I are going to live in our half seat. I am in terrible need of some strength. This was not a pretty picture.

Yikes! How many things are wrong with this picture? Let’s not count. Let’s go back to the pretty.