January (& February) Goals

2012 will be the year of foundation for both Dandy and myself. As much as I want to jump right into the fun stuff (aka jumping) if I want Dandy to be a useful horse, we need to start with the basics.

On my end, I need to change my hunt seat to a jumper seat and learn a better dressage seat. Also I have got to unlock my elbows. I have stretches for them, I just have to be diligent in doing them everyday. Overall, I want to work on my own strength and stamina. I can’t ask Dandy to work if I’m not in better shape myself.

Here are my immediate goals for Dandy:

Standing still for mounting or dismounting
Bending and Flexion
– Walk to trot
– Walk to canter
– Trot to canter
– Trot to walk
– Canter to trot
– Canter to walk (this might be ambitious)
Leg yields

Other things I’ll be working on but are more year goals:

Free Walk
Extended Trot
Yielding of Hindquarters