It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like….

… Minnesota. Ugh.

I almost didn’t take my lesson today because I was freezing all day long. Should have put on that extra layer. Next year I’m actually going to invest in a winter riding wardrobe. But I’m glad I cowboyed up and got on because I had a great lesson.

Our ride wasn’t supper technical. We worked on the flat for a while and then worked on a “simple” exercise that was a vertical with a trot pole eight feet out on both sides. We had to trot in and canter out. Dandy’s really getting the idea of trot poles now and we’re not dealing with any crookedness (at least from that!). We rode with another of Madchen’s students and Madchen’s hopefully future hunter pony, Buzz Lightyear.

Since Dandy was jumping great, Madchen started focusing on me and she had some great insights. The first that I was getting anxious around the corners which led to me bracing. I wasn’t doing it consciously but the minute she said and I could work on not freaking out about our turns things went a whole lot more smoothly. I would do my best to get the bend and a nice corner but whether I did or didn’t, once we were out of the corner I let it go. The second issue was getting to me relax and not jump for Dandy. Madchen told me to breath out over the jump and let that motion sink my heels down and close my thighs. It was amazing what a difference that made for us. She said I was looking way better at the end. It felt better too.

Madchen also gave me a Christmas present and I so want to share what it is/post a picture. That will have to wait until tomorrow because Madchen also got Krissie the same thing and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.