Issaquah Salmon Days Dock Diving

Harley and I went to our second dock diving competition at the Issaquah Salmon days. It was so much fun! This time we were outside and I liked that a lot better than being stuck inside a building.

This time, Harley was knew the drill and was way more up than she had been at the fair. She would not stop whining as we waited for our turn. It drove me nuts but there wasn’t a lot I could do except ignore her.

Aspen_enalbone_1 Aspen_enalbone_2

Our first official jump wasn’t great but it was still a huge improvement on her personal best: 13 something feet. I was happy that she got that far because her run off the dock just wasn’t that good. She slowed as we got to the end of the dock before launching herself off. What she did do was pop up high. High enough that she got out of frame with the professional photographers. Maybe we should try extreme air?


The second jump of the first wave was a HUGE 17 feet even. I didn’t expect her to go that far at all. I was shocked but super excited. The only down side to that huge jump is that it moved us even past the junior division and into the senior division (15 ft to 19 ft 11 in). She placed 10th in the senior division.


The second wave was much the same. Harley jumped twice and hit 17’4″ and 17’5″. I think she could have gotten even further but as you can see in the pictures, I am not throwing all that well. If I could really get the timing correct on my toss, and get it straight down the pool, I have no doubt we’d get another foot or two out of her.


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