Introducing Harley

Meet Harley! My seven week old golden retriever puppy. After what seemed a very very long morning, we finally picked her up at 3:00 pm from the breeder. I honestly had no idea what puppy we were going to get. While we had told her our top three during visiting day we were the last pick of the girls so we really had no pick at all. But we showed up at the designated time and the breeder came out with our favorite! Little Camo collar girl.

She is a spitfire and a talker. The first time I had to put her in the kennel last night she shrieked like I was skinning her alive. I was honestly afraid the neighbors were going to call the cops because of her crying. Eventually though she cried herself to sleep and we could get to bed too.

I am loving having her though. I love how bold and brave she is; leaping off everything she can. She’s super smart and I will definitely need to keep her busy. Guinness is being a good boy too. Mostly ignoring her but trying to play as much as he can. Harley is just so little.

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