Interrupted Naps

By the time I got my lazy butt off the couch today the barn was hopping! Guess I should have stayed home and taken a nap. Dandy agreed as I interrupted his.


The paddock is still very muddy so I had the Brilliant Idea that I could get on and ride my pony back to the gate. Well he grumbled a little when I put the halter on and grumbled a lot when I got on him but he let me.


The only problem was that there was no way he was going to move. I clucked, I encouraged with my legs and a bit of heel but Dandy just said “nope, it’s nap time.” So eventually I got off and asked him to get up. As punishment Dandy decided that he couldn’t possibly do this without a fresh role in the wet mud. His blanket is now filthy, his halter is coated, and just ugh. My payback was a bath. Thank god for heated wash racks (complete with heat lamps!) and 60 degree weather.

Because the barn was bursting in the seams and I was the 6th person trying to ride in the, admittedly large but not that large, arena I did just a quick bareback ride. I got a few really nice steps of lateral work at the walk and called it quits. It was way to windy for me to want to ride outside bareback.

We went into the arena for a quick session and I started working on my favorite trick: bowing. Now, I’ve taught one other horse to do this and she was awesome at it. I tried to teach Dandy how to do this back when I first got him but we didn’t have enough of a bond yet. Dandy just panicked. Today it was a completely different story. All he wanted was that peppermint. It helped that he trusted me as well.

imageIn other good news I got as I was leaving the barn, my dressage saddle sold! I hope the buyer likes it. It’s all set to be shipped out tomorrow which I will run and do right before work. Maybe if I get up super early I’ll still go out and ride. We’ll see how ambitious I am. This new schedule is definitely going to take some getting use to.

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  1. Randomly: I’m going to write a post about red tb <3 and I want to include Dandy. Will you email your favorite shareable pic to me at aimee dot towell at gmail dot com? Thanks!

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