Inspiration pt 2

Apologies in advance for the rambling nature of this post!

I’m in a very thoughtful mood right now. Guinness and I have the house to ourselves tonight (and tomorrow night, and last night) so I’m taking the time to be completely selfish. i.e. eat lots of pizza rolls, drink some jungle juice, stay up late watching the Olympics, ect.

Guinness came to work with me for a few hours today and he did really good. Ever since he saw the trainer on Saturday there has been a 180 in how he acts on the leash. Of course, it helps to have someone to teach us how to use the pinch collar correctly. The trainer we’re going with is getting a dog in this week to work with but once that dog is gone, it’s Guinness’ turn. He’s going to turn into a model citizen around the horses. Or at least I hope so!

In preparation for this, we brought Guinness to a professional groomer. It was more to see how he’d act being away from us then to get him groomed. And he passed the test with flying colors. Even better, when we picked him up he looked GORGEOUS. For only $27 this might become an every other month visit.

In other news, I gave in and bought a new hunt coat.

It’s a soft shell which should be good for the heat around here. I ended up going with navy because I have decided that will be Dandy’s jumper and dressage color (mostly since I can’t find a good brown dressage coat). This will work just fine for the low levels of dressage as well. Sadly it won’t be here in time for the show on Saturday but I’ll have it for the fall shows. And for next year’s events. 🙂

And now for the inspiration of my post: