In Love

Okay, I’m in love with this Voltaire Lexington Monoflap. In. Love.

I rode in JLE’s last night and even though the flaps were a little long and little forward for me it wasn’t so extreme that I didn’t feel uncomfortable in the saddle at all. Plus, since I’m short and I’ve never had money for a custom saddle I’m used to riding in flaps that are technically too long for me.

I’m just shy about $1.5k… that’s not too bad. Right? Oh if only it wasn’t Christmas time.


My lesson on Friday was fun. Dandy was so nice and forward and I got some great leg yields. I wish he was like that all the time.

However, I was then extremely frustrated today because Dandy did a complete 180 and was ย twit. He was taking any excuse to freak out. There were some barrels in the arena and when I asked Dandy to walk by them, he spun and took off. I managed to spin him back and make him walk past but it was touch and go. Than someone ripped the velcro on a boot in the aisle way and again Dandy took off. Are you kidding me horse?

At that point, I got off. I had worked through a bunch of it and I wasn’t frightened (which is a huge step for me) but I also didn’t want to escalate the issue. I hooked up the lunge line and Dandy immediately took off and tried to rip out of my hands. Good thing I was expecting that and so he did not get away. Dandy was pretty crazy and refusing to listen for a good 20 minutes.

Eventually Dandy was going nice and quiet, jumping over those same barrels he had been so afraid of. He was probably worked enough to be done but I didn’t want him to learn that when I get off and lunge him that that’s enough so I got on and had a fabulous quick 5 minute ride. Dandy felt so soft and quiet at that point. It’s so frustrating that he’s not consistent.


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  1. Yup, love the new header. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are making strides. You rode through him and took control and you guys made progress together. He is a challenging horse. I’m glad you’re working with JLE on this. A pro’s eyes on the ground and help in the saddle is invaluable.

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