If a Tree Falls

On the 21st, two Thursdays ago, we closed on a house. YAY. We were super excited to move in and finally get our renovations started. But when we got out there three hours after close, we found a tree on the roof.


Yes. The boy walked the house with the realtor before close but then storms came in and we just got unlucky. Thank God for home insurance.

So we have been doing what we can. The tree is off the roof and the roof is being repaired this Thursday. We also finally got everything moved out of the rental house and are completely done with that!


But between all of that I had to find time to work Gus and that did not happen as much as I wanted. Okay, it kind of didn’t happen at all… stop judging me. He did get one really good training ride with one of my barn friends and at the end, he was dripping mud.


I hate gray  horses!

But we still had a lot of fun at Chatt Hills and we learned a ton! I also want to share the new place with you as we moved Gus right after the show. Thankfully things on the house and horse front are slowing down because wedding preparation is charging up!

5 thoughts on “If a Tree Falls

  1. Oh man, what bad luck with the tree…the yard looks nice though! Hope the repairs and moving goes smoothly. We bought a place earlier this year and then I moved Cosmo right after that. It’s a lot of moving all at once.

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