Hunchback Harley

First, thank you to all who left such thoughtful comments on my last post. I promise you that each one gave me something new to think about and I’m going to be responding the rest in the upcoming week. There’s a lot I have to discuss with my trainer after my dressage show and when she comes back from Inavale. There definitely needs to be a plan and I’m going to use this week to come up with one.

But it just seems to be that sort of week for me. When Eric came home from Germany he came down with a bit of a sore throat that luckily went away without anything else. I am less than lucky and have come down with the full on runny nose, clogged sinuses, muddling headaches. I can’t believe I actually had the strength to ride in a lesson yesterday (but am very glad I did as it was awesome). Today I’m feeling a bit better but still not 100% there.

On top of all of that, Harley (my golden) has a lump on her shoulder the size of a chicken egg. It’s rock solid! It started as just a small lump the size of a quarter and, trying not to over react, I said I’d give it a week to see if it changed before I called the vet. Well, it did change. It grew to about the size of my palm but was soft and squishy. Of course I start freaking out and think cancer and telling her she’s way too young to be developing fatty lumps! I call the vet on Friday and schedule an appointment for the following Monday. But when we go in the lump has all but faded away (this should be a good thing, yes?) so the vet, Dr. M, basically tells me to go home and give her benedryl as she was probably stung by a bee.

The next day it has swelled up Β to the point where you look at her shoulders and one sticks way up in the air! I call and schedule an appointment at the vet, again. This time when I bring her in the Dr. M is shocked and immediately takes her in the back for x-rays and some cultures. On the plus size, we find that there is no growth in there, it’s just swelling. The bad news is that there is possibly a foreign object in there. Dr. M sent us home with an anti-biotic and an anti-inflamatory.

You can just barely see the speck they think is causing the lump on her shoulder. (The D looking thing is the hardware from the slip leash)

This was last Friday. The lump is still huge and is, if anything, bigger and more defined. Dr. M finally called with the results from the cultures they took. They found nothing. So she recommend us to a specialist who will take an ultra sound or more detailed image of the area and possibly do surgery. Now I just have to get myself out of bed long enough to go pick up her x-rays at the vet and wait for the specialist to get back to us so we can make an appointment. I don’t think this is life or death, and she doesn’t even know it’s there, but it does worry me and I’d feel better if it weren’t there at all.

Update: Got an appointment with the surgical resident to do better pictures on Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “Hunchback Harley

  1. Oh man! Hope you feel better soon and that Harley is ok and whatever it is, resolves itself asap!

    Glad you had a good lesson on Dandy πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry about your pup, but so glad it’s not a melanoma. That is scary in a dog her age! Next week will be better, don’t worry πŸ™‚

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