How the Guinness stole Christmas

Today I got a call from Eric that I was hoping not to get… Guinness had gone on the war path.

While he hadn’t pulled the tree over, fortunately, he had pulled off, destroyed and eaten a dozen ornaments! Eric took him to the vet and after a couple hundred dollars in x-rays and medications, we found that he had eaten quite a bit of the glass babuls. So now Guinness is on a special diet. He’s incredibly happy about it actually since it includes pumpkin!

Guinness' new diet: Metamucil, Pepcid, Pumpkin and Intestinal Soft Food

Since he didn’t have much interest in the tree yesterday when we put it up, nor last night while we were sleeping, we’re not sure what made him go for the ornaments today. Our two theories are that he either knocked an ornament off, broke it and thought it was a fun new toy or after finding and eating one candy cane, he thought the rest of the ornaments might taste good too. Either way, he made a huge mess.

I wish I had taken a picture of all the broken ornaments but I was more concerned that he’d dive back into the pile.¬†Picture thanks to Eric. It really doesn’t do the mess justice but you get the idea.

The Warzone

Beyond hoping that nothing else goes wrong and that the new diet helps the glass pass through him without anymore harm… now Eric and I have to figure out what to do with him while we’re at work. Clearly, he can’t be left alone with the Christmas tree anymore. If he would just stop digging the fence up we could leave him outside. Instead, I think we’re probably going to lock him in the bedroom.

One Guilty Puppy

Poor Guinness. Christmas just might not be his holiday!