House Renovation Update #2

When will this renovation be over?! Please, I’m begging you for it to end. I miss my pony. And going to sleep at a decent hour. I just CANNOT with this renovation anymore.


I took Friday off and my parents came down from MN to help with whatever they could. We had a long list and I don’t feel like we got much done but we did get a LOT done. Part of the reason we didn’t get as much done as I would have liked was that at 11:00 PM on Thursday night my dad decided that we should rip down the dividing wall between the two closets and pull off all the casing.


I was not planning on adding this project right now and it probably added 12 hours of work (and it’s not finished yet). But I will be very happy to have a little more space and my pretty barn doors instead of the bi-fold doors.


In other projects, Mom and I spackled three rooms, primed 2.5 rooms and did two coats of paint in one room (and I primed one ceiling, never again!).


All four of us worked really hard to get the floors done. That was a nightmare but they are looking beautiful. My dad is an engineer and really helped us make the cuts around doors and in the hallway perfect. Eric and I had to finish up the a bunch of the main room by ourselves after they left yesterday, and we still have the master bedroom to do, but we are so close with the floors! This week we’ll get there.


Harley’s favorite project though was the dog door. There’s no stopping her now!


8 thoughts on “House Renovation Update #2

  1. Wow. This is why when the SO suggest doing renovations by ourselves I just laugh…and laugh…and laugh…. My parents have done major work on their house twice now, so I understand the nightmare.

    1. Yeah mine too. We do have a contractor doing some of it… I had just hoped we’d be done by now. Best laid plans and all that. Lol

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