House Renovation Update 10.24.16

This renovation has taken over my life! I haven’t been out to see poor Gus Gus in almost a week which makes me very sad. I am going out tonight though. No one can stop me! Even the threat of not getting the house done.

Because that is what I have been doing: house work. I get up early. Go to work. Work hard. Go home. Let the dogs out. Start working on the house. Dinner. Sleep. It’s ridiculous. For a while it felt like we were making really good progress but all of a sudden things seem like they’re dragging even though we are working on big important things.


To be fair. Painting took several weekends. They had this HORRID maroon paint on the bottom half of the wall through out the living room, the kitchen and the hallway. Not only did I have to pull the chair rail and spackle┬áthat, it meant we had to put primer down before we could actually paint. Then we had to do coats on top of it to make everything look even. And of course, after we had finished the second coat, it felt like we kept finding areas that needed touch up. I’m so done with it… and I haven’t even started painting the bedroom.


But at least the cabinets are in! The look awesome minus a few things. One cabinet was broken so that has to be replaced and they put the decorative panels only on one side of the island. That is not cool. It makes things look unfinished and I want it to be the same. The contractor says these things will get fixed. They better!

Today they are templateing for the quartz. Yes, I got quartz. The boy made me compromise on getting granite but then he picked out a marble (way too soft for us) and so we went back to quartz. I win.


Even this weekend felt like we got nothing done but we worked alllllllllll weekend. Saturday we spent several hours unloading 80 boxes of laminate. Okay, the boy spent several hours unloading laminate. I helped. Kind of.

It was heavy, okay?

Sunday we started laying it down and it went a lot slower than I expected it to. Especially once we got to the kitchen. I suppose that’s why it costs so much to pay someone else to do it!wp-1477243878905.jpg

And to think we still have baseboards to do after this.

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  1. We are planning to lay laminate floors in our condo in a few months. I didn’t realize you had to take off the baseboard to do it. I was excited until I found out about the baseboards. Our place is small, and mostly a square, but we have stairs. I’m still a little exciting.

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