House Keeping

This blog is not going to go dead while I am separated from Dandy. For one, there are several things I’ve been planing (such as my dream barn series and my search for a new barn) and two, my trainer is SO good about sending me updates on how the pony is doing. For example, apparently Dandy is like a different horse now that he’s been ‘cracked’ by the chiropractor. The stiffness on his right side has all but disappeared. I knew I should have had this done sooner. Poor baby, I feel bad he was in pain.

On days that I don’t have horsey antics to share, I hope you’ll indulge me with a bit about my dog. We’re going to be starting Rally Obedience classes on Sunday so hopefully I’ll have a lot to post about that. I’d really like to do Obedience Trials with him and I’m hoping that Rally O will be a good place to start!

8 thoughts on “House Keeping

  1. I think the “rest” of our lives are just as important as the horsey parts so I’m excited to keep up with whatever you post!

  2. Glad you guys made it to WA! Dog stuff is just as addictive and similar in a weird way. Will be excited to hear more. Very nice that your trainer gives you horse updates!

  3. Glad to hear you’ll keep blogging! I’ve had to think outside the box for entries too, because there are only so many “yup, my horse is still lame” posts one can write 🙂

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