Hot Hot Hot

So it is not technically Summer yet but no one has told the south (or really any of America, it seems)! The temps have been rising and the humidity has been climbing and every day this week I’ve gone outside to find my windshield all steamed up. I’m ready to be done with it.

But obviously since I still have many months of this torture, I have to find ways to cope with it. For me, that means riding late at night since I start work at 7 am. Lots of trail rides in the shade. And many many hose downs.


I have also given myself permission to say “it is too hot to ride today” and stay home. If the heat plus the humidity is over 135, I don’t ride unless I have to (shows or lessons). I know the best way to get used to this is to ride in it, but I do not do well with the humidity. I passed out once in hot yoga.

What do you all do to handle the heat?

3 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot

  1. The heat is the stupid-ist.

    Personally for the running side of my life I try to run in the morning or evening. I also hose my pup down before we run to keep her cool.

    For the horse side of my life I try to keep the rides short or easy (or sometimes both). I just try to keep a really close eye on my boy and take it easy if I have to. He gets hosed just about every day. He also gets extra salt in his food and has access to a salt lick. I think keeping him sweating is by biggest concern with all the humidity that we’ve got in the Midwest. I will ride in heat a lot worse than what others do, because I agree with you that the only way to deal with it is just to get used to it.

  2. I am glad that we live in Canada for the summers. In a perfect world I would in Canada for summer and south for winter. But I need a fortune that I don’t have….

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