Hot Crazy Scale

How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM) is one of my favorite shows. Yesterday I was watching the best season ever, which is Season 3 for those of you not in the know, and realized that one of Barney’s theories on girls is pretty applicable to horses.

So I introduce you to the Hot Talented Crazy Scale (TM)! Which basically states that a horse can be crazy as long as it is equally talented.

Granted, I’d rather have a horse who was just straight up talented with zero crazy but I have noticed that horse people  are willing to put a little more time and money into a crazy horse who has the potential to be great. Dandy and I are definitely a great example. Each time I think we’re getting somewhere and his talent is really coming through, he does something that brings him across the diagonal on the Talented Crazy Scale. And then he’ll go and win a one day HT and we go back to being more talented than crazy.

Silly pony!

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