Horseshoe Dreamcatcher

My first attempt at making a dream catcher is finally done! Only took me three months. I pulled it out today while watching the Zags play Ohio St in the NCAA tournament. The first half had my heart racing and now (second half) I’m just shaking my head because now I’m watching the Zags I expected to see. Oh well, they are trying and playing fairly well. Ohio St is just the better team.

I’m happier with it now than I was originally but I’m not sure if I’m going to finish this completely (adding his hair as the feather hanging off it) or if I’m going to undo it and restart. One thing I’d really like to change is the tie at the top; I want to make that higher. The other issue I ran across is that these are standard horse shoes and have less holes than his racing plates would but I made it work and I’ll make it work when I redo it!

It’s keeping my mind busy at least. Eric’s up skiing since Heavenly got four feet of fresh powder last night. We even got snow down here so of course the barn will be a mud pit so no riding today. I think the plan after the game is to go to Target and the bead store so I can hopefully work on my horse hair bracelet this week. Than tonight I have to feed the horses for LG and do some work.

Trimmer is coming out to work on Dandy on Tuesday so plan on a picture filled post than.