Horse Dreams

There were two little girls, around the age of ten, that showed up for a lesson while I was riding Dandy this morning. I was working on getting Dandy forward off my leg and quick in his walk-trot transitions when they came into the arena. They were so cute leading their horses and getting LG to help them fix their stirrups.

I had a sudden flashback to being that age and bringing my lesson horse into the arena while older girls were working. I SO wanted to be that older girl with her own horse who could ride whenever she wanted. And now I am! How weird is that?

There were two particular memories that I kept flashing back to. The first was when I was about ten and riding at Valley View Stables. I was taking a group lesson with two other friends, though I can only remember who one of them is right now. I was riding this HORRIBLE old grey gelding, who was probably a thoroughbred now that I think about it, and he would not listen to me at all. I spent most of that lesson crying when I couldn’t even steer my horse out of the corner.

Then there was the time when I was at Sky Rock Stables. I was twelve or so and just learning how to put my very own polo wraps on (the horse). Naturally, I was having trouble so I asked the working student, Ashley, for help “wrapping my legs.” Ashley was my idol. She was older and a great rider and she had this beautiful chestnut with a big white blaze named Apollo. Well, Ashley helped me by wrapping my legs with the polos! From then on, I was more specific when I asked for help.

After the girls’ lesson, the smaller of the two came up to me and told me how much she loved my horse and I couldn’t help but be touched by the whole experience.

I had a great ride on Dandy. We worked on transitions and getting a quick forward walk while maintaining collection. I think I also got a bit more collection at the canter which will be the next set of transitions I focus on!

In other news, the trailer is cleaned out for the next ride and I took the divider out. It’s just a bit too skinny for the giant horses that like to ride in it! Hopefully Dandy will feel a bit freer without the divider and won’t be so antsy.

Also Guinness comes home tomorrow!