Horse Apps

If you didn’t see the news on Facebook yesterday, USEA has released their Event Companion app for Android and iOS.


It looks interesting but I haven’t had a chance to really explore so I don’t know how useful it will actually turn out to be. But it made me wonder if there are more horse apps that I should have on my phone and don’t. These are the current ones I have, some better than others. Any suggestions?


Course Walk
Love this app! I can’t wait for this upcoming show season so I can actually record all my recognized shows. It’s also super helpful when you want to study and make sure you don’t forget anything.

I don’t think I’ve ever even opened this app, so who knows? I think it has the intro tests on it.

Horse Notes
I paid for this app and it’s a little pricey but I really like it. They also have a free online version (or they did once upon a time). I haven’t kept up with my notes but it really has a space for you to record just about everything maintenance wise with your horse.

Track My Hack
This was  free app that works alright. There are better tracking apps out there though I do like that this is specific to horses.

Jump Off
Haven’t had a chance to do more than play with this app but I like the concept behind it.

I don’t use their shopping app much. I’d rather go online when I still shop at SmartPak (which is not very often these days).

I do use this one all the time, however. I love the help in trying to guess what blankets I should use each night.

This app is less helpful when you’re not at Rolex. 🙂