Holding Hands and Show Plans

Things are finally starting to settle down for me. We had a really busy few weeks at work due to the acquisition of five hospitals. I worked for 12 days straight and didn’t have energy for much of anything. But at the end of it all, I was offered a new job with the company I’m currently a contractor with. YAY! It came with a big pay bump will eventually be a whole different set of responsibilities (though I may have to keep up my current duties for a while).


The downside of those 12 days of working means that my show schedule is shot to hell. I missed the deadline for the Foxberry Farm’s Jump-Jump show. While I’m sure I could have still gone to it, it ended up being a good thing because after 12 straight days of enrolling people in their benefits, my mind was shot! There was no way I could have gotten around those courses safely.

I did, however, manage to get out to the barn to have my best lesson on Gus to date. It didn’t look like that was going to happen at the start due to Gus just not wanting to focus but it ended with him using his whole body and feeling so so good and we got our first foamy mouth. They rhythm was there, the relaxation was there, and we were actually able to start working on contact. Contact, according to C, should feel like I’m walking hand in hand with a hot guy in the park… not like a creepy stalker is dragging me off against my will, which is sadly what our contact feels like right now. Baby steps though, right?


Then I got home and realized that my next planned show on May 7th, also at our home base, is going to be a no go because I’ll be in Minnesota for a bridal shower. Grr. What am I going to do? So I’ve decided to enter the April 30th Poplar Place Schooling Show. I think I still have enough time to prepare for the horse trial and not just do dressage so we’re going to get back out there at tadpole.


5 thoughts on “Holding Hands and Show Plans

  1. congrats on the new role at your company!! sounds very well deserved. exciting about the show entry too – you guys will be awesome out there

  2. Congrats on your new job! Working that many days in a row is rough, ouch. At least you got to enjoy a good lesson at the end of it all. I love that analogy of hot guy vs creepy stalker!

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