Hit that Point

Well, I’ve hit time in every amateur-with-a-green-horse’s life where you begin to think “WTF have I gotten myself into? Why didn’t I buy a schoolmaster? Or at least a horse that was already started and going novice? Why did I think I could handle this?!”

Sometimes we get out to the barn when it's still light...
Sometimes we get out to the barn when it’s still light…

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but the last four days of riding have been a struggle in patience. Patience for Gus and patience for me.

I know that this is just a phase in Gus’ life. He’s been such a steady Eddy for the last year that I got a little complacent. It’s not that we haven’t ever had bad rides… because we have had them! But we’ve never had this many bad rides in a row. It’s been more than a little frustrating.

My faithful companion.
My faithful companion.

At first I blamed it on the fact that Gus had such a long break. He’s bound to be feeling it and not wanting to really work.

Then I blamed it on the constantly shifting weather we’ve been having. It’s making me cranky too!

Lastly I blamed in on the clip. I mean, suddenly he’s naked… I guess that might be part of it.

I checked tack fit and while it’s not custom, it’s pretty good. It’s not pinching and it’s all fitted correctly. And honestly, he’s going to have to deal just a little bit because I don’t have the money to buy him a custom fitted saddle right now. The one thing I can change up is the bit. He was going so well in the baucher but I’m going to go back to the loose ring and see if that helps. And schedule a date with the dentist… we’re probably long overdue.

After the bath, pre clip.
After the bath, pre clip.

The annoying part is that Gus isn’t really being bad in a way I can correct, it’s just like he’s forgotten everything he’s learned in the last year and he’s refusing to try. I suppose that’s like most kids coming back to school after winter vacation.

But we will soldier on. I will keep it simple and we’ll try to just have fun for a few days.

9 thoughts on “Hit that Point

  1. aw i’m sorry the rides haven’t been all that inspirational lately. it had been so long since i’d ridden a green horse regularly before this fall that it took me by surprise how inconsistent they could be, and how demoralizing that would feel for me. hopefully Gus is just building up to one big awesome ride soon 😀

  2. So hard when things are going so well and then one day your horse basically laughs in your face. I agree with the above… it’s not just the greenies that forget how to horse.

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