A few weeks ago, LT invited us to go camping over the weekend. With the horses of course! Do people actually like doing this without the horses?

There is a state park camp ground that allows you to highline or bring in coral panels. We went with the highline which was a brand new experience for both Gus and I. 

At first I was really impressed with how well Gus was behaving on the line. He just stood there quietly, ate some hay, drank some water… it wasn’t until a few hours later that I realized it was because he was scared of the line! Thankfully by the next morning he was over it. 
That first evening we went on a several hour hike to find a place to get into the water. Gus was a bit of a pill being behind the other horses but fine to go in the river. 

That night the storms came in and it poured. Poor ponies were stuck out in the rain but that’s how camping works sometimes! Because of that, we were all a little slow moving the next morning and decided to not go back out. Some of the trails had already been slick and we didn’t want to risk it. 

Still, it was a fun break from the normal training routine and something I definitely want to so more of. 

One thought on “Highlining

  1. Camping with my horse is high on my wish list. It just doesn’t happen here. High lining seems like a good way to do it as well. I’ve never done it.

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