Helmet Trouble pt 2

You may remember a few weeks ago I had a bit of a problem ordering a helmet from SmartPak… Well, that got figured out but it turned out that I didn’t like the helmet all that much once I could put it on so I sent it back for a return.

Imagine my surprise when I came home one day from work and found a SmartPak box sitting on my front steps. I hadn’t ordered anything recently. I’m trying to be good and save my money. So I asked the boy, who I was already chatting with on the phone, did you buy me a present? “No.”

It was the helmet. SmartPak sent it back.

Excuse my language but are. you. fucking. kidding. me.

So I called customer service and asked, very politely, “Why did you send it back?!” Okay, it was not as polite as I usually am but this is the helmet that will not leave. The person on the other line had no idea what was going on and promised to have someone else higher up call me that night.

They didn’t.

I finally heard back from a different customer service person on Saturday. She started off by telling me that it had to be sent back to the store to get the tag off. Um, excuse me? I already did that! All she could do was apologize and tell me it was a mistake and even though I wrote very clearly that I want to RETURN this helmet on the insert, they just sent it back to me.

I am so frustrated. It is very hard for me to get these packages to the UPS store to return. I basically have to choose to go riding, or make my return. There was nothing this poor customer service person could do to make me feel better and I feel a little bit bad but come on SmartPak! They have lost me for a customer. I live very close to a Dover store and have had great luck with Riding Warehouse, I don’t think I’ll be going back to SmartPak unless I can’t find it anywhere else.

And as a side note, the first customer service person let it slip that in the notes from my original call about the security tag that the rep I talked to on the phone asked the store to throw in a little extra treat when the shipped the helmet back to me because of how understanding I had been about the mix up. They didn’t do that, and I wasn’t expecting it… but maybe if they had been more generous in the first instance I wouldn’t have been so upset now.

13 thoughts on “Helmet Trouble pt 2

  1. I can understand the annoyance. They lost me over a similarly small but intensely annoying thing that they didn’t seem to care about until I got REALLY upset. RW it is.

        1. Oh, that’s good to know. They have a couple of things that I have considered in the past, but they didn’t have it in the color I wanted.

  2. I have never had an issue like yours with SmartPak…in fact, they’ve gone above and beyond for me on a few occasions, so I always go there first. Good thing you live near a Dover store, because I’m absolutely not a Dover fan and refuse to pay their outrageous shipping charges.I like RW too, but their selection is more limited than SmartPak (in my opinion) and their shipping, while free most of the time, takes too long to get to me.

    1. I was a huge smartpak fan and have never had a problem like this. But it was incredibly frustrating having to send the helmet back three times.

      1. Like you I used to be a big Smartpak fan… But then they started getting worse and worse about customer service… RW all the way. Their stuff gets to me way faster too.

  3. I appreciate the return labels from Smartpak, but yeah, having to drive to a UPS store is a serious pain for me too. I’m returning a girth, and it’s basically a road trip to find the closest store for me to send it back from. Probably just worth paying the return charges myself from USPS.

  4. That is so weird. I have never had any problem with them other than the sizing on their clothes being two sizes smaller than what I would consider that size to be. I do agree that having to actually drive to a UPS store is annoying. The closest one to me is about 20 minutes away, and not really conveniently located where I could lump it into doing shopping or some other activity.

  5. I don’t order from Smartpak anymore unless I can’t find it anywhere else. I’ve never had any major issue, but they don’t ship very quickly, and lots of other places have the product for less, ship it more quickly and their flat rate shipping is usually more than a lot of other places. I order a lot of stuff from RW and other places when RW doesn’t have exactly what I need.

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