Having the Look: Dandy

I’ve always loved fashion and high end shoes, bags and clothes; even when I don’t always have the money to buy them. Starting in the hunters (and at a very fancy prestigious barn in Minnesota) only heightened the desire for my horsey life to be as fashionable as well. It’s hard right now because I have pretty much no money and what I do have can’t be spent on frivolous things that I don’t really need. For example, I want a new County Sensation but no way do I have the money for that! Plus I have a serviceable if totally beaten up and not so nice looking mystery saddle from my trainer that works (best fit of anything I’ve been able to try so far).  But when I get a job, I will have a little extra cash and I will be able to deck my horse and myself out like I want to.

Cross Country

Okay, hold onto your britches because I’m about to go a little wild.


Yup, I said it. Orange on a chestnut. I happen to think Dandy looks nice in Orange and more than that, I like it. I’m still going to try to keep it classy and not go overboard on the orange. To help I’ll be balancing it with navy, black and white.

First we need a new jumping saddle. I am really lusting over the County Sensation and as soon as I have the budget for it, I’m getting the County rep out. Of course to match that I’m also going to need the County Logic Girth. What? I’ve got to keep it all matching.

Under the saddle I’m still debating exactly which saddle pad to get. It’s probably going to be orange, (though there’s a possibility of going with the white OTTB pad pictured below). There’s an orange ROMA Ecole Star Quilted Pad that I’m absolutely in love with but it’s so thick. I’ll have to take a closer look at it. I also made just splurge and buy a custom Mattes pad.

I’m going to keep the same bridle I have right now as I absolutely love that bridle. It fits Dandy great and it’s so so soft. I do, however, need some rubber reins for it. I think I’m going to go with brown Nunn Finer soft grip reins.

I will definitely want to ride with some sort of running martingale during cross country and should probably use a breastplate as well. Since I absolutely LOVE the look of the five point, we’re going to go with that. I like the Wellington one from Smartpak because of the brown elastic but for almost a hundred dollars less I can go with the Nunn Finer Five Point Breastplate.

The only thing I’m not sure at all on are the boots for Dandy. Any one got any suggestions? I was thinking of doing the Premier Equine Air Cooled Eventing boots which I have heard great things about. I’m also interested in doing the Nunn Finer Richland boots as they’re supposed to be like the old Porters, only I’ve heard they’re not as malleable and they don’t breath as well. Anyone used them? I know I could do the simple Woof Boots so those are always a back up option.

cross country

Show Jumping

I want our look in show jumping to be more classy and understated than the bold styling I have for cross country.

I’ll use the same saddle and girth for cross country but for the pad I’m going to use an OTTB saddle pad. Ideally I’d love for them to come back with the navy pad but in the mean time, and for championships (which will totally someday happen), I’ll use the white pad.

And while I love the look of the five point breastplate in cross country, I’m more of a fan of just a regular running martingale for the ring. My saddle doesn’t have a problem of slipping so I’m not worried about keeping it in place. I’m thinking I’ll probably go for something like this Nunn Finer Bellissimo. This will actually be my next piece of tack purchased because I actually do need this. I used my trainer’s in NV but that won’t be an option once I move.

To finish the look, EquiFit T-Boot open fronts and hock boots. I really really want the leather ones. We’ll see if I decide splurging is worth it.

show jumping


Completing my dressage look will probably take the longest as it involves actually getting a second saddle. Hopefully once I get a jumping saddle, I’ll know exactly what to look for fit wise in the dressage saddle and will be able to go the used route. I am still wanting to get a brown saddle, however, and rock that look.

For the bridle, I want this little beauty:

FSS German Padded Rolled Bridle. http://www.ebay.com/itm/130800211102

I love the rolled leather look and I think it would really look good on Dandy.

For the saddle pad, we’re going to keep it classy and do the white dressage OTTB pad (when they have them back in stock).


Stay tuned for Having the Look: Me. I’m terrible at dressing myself so this one is going to be a challenge.

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  1. I’m starting to drool over here 🙂 Definitely will have to live through your stylings for now as my bank account is in the red but it gives me something to dream about! haha

    1. Glad I’m not the only one! Putting together the pictures just made me realize how willing I’d be to live on ramen if the boy would allow it. 🙂

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