Happy Holidays

Happy holidays everyone! I am currently in the process of packing up and heading back home from the condo my parents rented so we could go skiing for the holidays. It has been great seeing my family but it’s definitely a different kind of holiday when you’re not at home.

I only ended up going skiing one day of the three we were up here because something is wrong with my ski boots and I ended up with huge bruises on my shin. I’m not happy about that but at least the day I did get in was basically bluebird.

My sister on her first run off the bunny hill.
My sister on her first run off the bunny hill.

The other two days I took the dogs hiking on a 4 mile round trip trail to a place called Greenwood Lake. It wasn’t much more than a pond but the trail was nice. Only the river we kept crossing was definitely way too strong for Harley and despite my ban on swimming in the river, she did jump in and almost got swept under some logs. I was terrified but luckily she managed to climb back out.

wpid-IMG_20131226_103549.jpg wpid-IMG_20131226_104056.jpgFor Christmas the boy got me a lovely light weight jacket for the barn and a brand new Micklem bridle!

wpid-IMG_20131224_170804.jpgDandy used to ride in the BO’s Micklem when we were at FTF. She had that rare and now discontinued tobacco color but I think he’s going to look smashing in this darker brown. I can’t wait to get home and put it on him tomorrow. It should also match the Voltaire Lexington Monoflap… hint hint.

From my parents I got some nice wool socks, a few other trinkets and money. Can’t go wrong there for a horse girl! I also got money from my grandparents and I immediately went out and bought the Rambo Grand Prix Fleece Cooler for $40 off the asking price. It’s a size larger than I usually buy for Dandy but it’ll probably work just fine. I can’t wait for that to arrive.

It’s been a lovely few days but I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. And see my pony.


10 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

    1. Smartpak! It’s still pretty expensive being Rambo and all but I have the quarter sheet and I love it. So I’ve been watching for a sale. 🙂

        1. That cooler is gorgeous! I love all the color options! Dandy has a wool cooler that I mostly love but I bought it used and it’s a size or two small.

          1. I have size difference issues since P is an 81 and stampy is an 87. I’m going to go large though, because I’m sure any future horses will also be very big, lol. Now I just need to settle on a color. Horse people problems.

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